About Me

About me

I am a Uk based Commercial and Portrait Photographer with a background in Graphic Design. Originally from New Brunswick, Canada,  I moved to the United Kingdom in April 2002.

My clients include creatives, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, families and food manufacturers.

My passion for photography covers many genres, but my signature specialty is the natural stylistic simplicity in which I capture my subjects, be it food, people or pets. Less is more, simple is best.

My pictures can show you that better than any words.

And if you’d still like to know more about me, here are 10 other things (that you may or may not want to know)…

  1. I was adopted as a baby and I’ve met my birth parents. I don’t mind telling people that as I know who I look like now, and that’s all I ever needed to know.
  2. I find the ratio of coffee shops to pubs in the UK very amusing, as it’s the polar opposite in Canada. Thus the reason I drink less coffee now.
  3. I refuse to conform to the British pronunciations of aluminium , oregano  and vitamins. You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can’t take the Canada out of the girl.
  4. My love for photography came from my Dad, who gave me his old film Pentax K1000, with which I took over a zillion photos of my daughter (on a daily basis) and probably kept the local film developers in business for several years. I still have it. And it still works.
  5. I used to be a vegetarian and never ate anything that had a face. I’m a foodatarian now. But still prefer not to eat anything that had a face.
  6. My favorite television program is M*A*S*H (I never understood how Hawkeye always got lucky,  I always thought he was a bit of a letch).
  7. I went to a business college for a few months, until it ironically went out of business.
  8. I tried downhill skiing once on cross country skis. I then understood why the skis are different sizes.
  9. I’m left-handed, actually, practically ambidextrous.
  10. I camped out overnight in line for tickets for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers when I was a kid, a birthday present for my Mom (it paid off, we were only a few rows from the front!). The Everly Brothers opened the show, but they sang too loud.  Mom thought that Kenny swore too much.

Peace out.

Happy face

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Email: Beth@bbpicturemaker.co.uk